Alise Sandri "Latvia's Natural Wonders"

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“Latvia’s Natural Wonders: A Love Letter to the Landscapes that Shaped My Childhood” is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the breathtaking natural beauty of Latvia. The author, who grew up in Latvia and rediscovered its natural wonders after years of living abroad, writes in a way that celebrates the country’s stunning forests, rivers, lakes, coastline, and wetlands.

Through vivid descriptions and stunning watercolor illustrations, readers are transported to the magical world of Latvia’s natural landscapes and inspired to explore them for themselves. The author shares personal anecdotes and memories while also weaving in fascinating historical and cultural contexts, providing a comprehensive and engaging guide to Latvia’s natural wonders.

 “Latvia’s Natural Wonders” covers everything from the dense forests teeming with wildlife to the pristine lakes perfect for swimming and fishing. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to appreciate the unique beauty of this small country in the Baltic region of Europe. Whether planning a visit or simply interested in learning more about this special corner of the world, readers will find this book to be an informative and captivating guide to Latvia’s natural heritage. 

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Brushstrokes of Nature: Watercolor Landscapes Collection

Landscapes of

Landscapes of

Capturing the
Essence of Fall
in Watercolors

Winter Whispers:
Tranquil Scenes
of the Season

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as each brushstroke breathes life
into serene vistas and breathtaking panoramas.
Experience the serenity of sunsets casting warm hues across the horizon, the gentle play of light filtering
through lush forests, and the peaceful stillness of reflective lakes mirroring
the surrounding scenery.

Allow yourself to be transported to these inspiring landscapes, where the beauty of nature unfolds before our eyes.
Experience the power of watercolors to capture the fleeting moments of light, the delicate nuances of nature, and the everlasting inspiration found in our world’s diverse landscapes.

Through delicate washes of color and meticulous attention to detail, each artwork captures the essence and spirit of the landscapes that inspired them. Each piece invites you to embark on a visual journey from the tranquil beauty of rolling meadows to the majestic forests.

These watercolor landscapes transport you to a place where time slows down, allowing you to reconnect with nature’s inherent beauty. Marvel at the captivating interplay of textures, vibrant hues, and intricate details that come.

"Latvia's Natural Wonders" Alise Sandri


Experience the harmonious
blend of traditional
watercolor and digital
By combining these
techniques, the artist
pushes artistic boundaries
and unlocks limitless
Digital tools enhance and
refine the artwork, adding
intricate details and vibrant

Marvel at the captivating
interplay of textures,
vibrant hues, and intricate
details that come to life in
this collection.
Immerse yourself in a world
where tradition meets
technology, and artistic
boundaries dissolve.
The the result is a collection that celebrates the best of both
worlds, bridging the gap between traditional and
digital art.